Our Services
  1. Well Child Exams
    Well Child Exams
    Also know as a check-up. These yearly check-ins will keep you informed on your child's growth from the previous year. We'll collect vitals, update their growth chart, and do additional vision, hearing, and developmental exams. These visits are longer than a sick visit, and it's a great time to ask all of your questions about your child's growth or any issues that you are concerned with.
  2. Sick Visit
    Sick Visit
    No one likes the sick visit, but we try to make it as helpful as possible. Our schedule has various appointment times throughout the day for sick visits. We also do labs in our office such as strep, flu, and blood draws. Call us whenever you need to.
  3. Allergy Injections
    Allergy Injections
    If your child requires allergy injections, we can save you the trip into Lexington. Call us to see when allergy injection appointments are available.
  4. New Baby Exams
    New Baby Exams
    Congratulations on your new little one! We're so excited to help you on this journey. Call us once your little one has arrived to schedule your first visit. Newborns are seen more frequently than older children. We'll help you monitor weight gain, feedings, and answer all of your baby questions.
  5. Sports Physical
    You can get a sports physical almost anywhere these days, however, they're not nearly as in depth as the one you get at a pediatrician's office. When it's time for your child's sports physical, we're here to make sure a thorough one is completed. We schedule these as needed. Give us a call to schedule!
  6. ADHD
    Dr. Weinberger has years of experience helping families manage ADHD and other long-term conditions. We can help families manage and thrive. Call us with questions and to make your appointment.